It is almost true that not everything special is an event except when what is eventful is special; we think the following qualify for this definition except on Monday.



Recent Letter To Our Listeners, Viewers, Subscribers, Critics, and Fate-Mongers

This has been a very interesting period and question mark, but while no one is talking: They Are All Pointing!

Perhaps The Manuscripts, secreted away during these perilous times, will emerge from the Crypt and be Decoded For Our Inspection quite soon, or noon. In the Mean Time, we must use the space provided to contemplate what surely must have happened and why The Next Events Will Reveal Everything Necessary For The Fish Bait To Unravel!

As Woody's Great-Great Granddaddy, Woodrow "Why Me?" Woodman always used to say, just before they dragged him from the Blackberry Patch he had enthusiastically tripped into, "I Can't Say I Can't Say!"