The Acts in this Circus Of Construction were discovered after years of intensive investigation and perhaps dangerous travels to places that have not even been named yet. Goodman, Powell, & Cremaschi met countless times to scrutinize the maps and somewhat arcane manuscripts provided by Woody Woodman, whose mission, at least to them, was never made clear. But the three adventurers decided the time was never More Right to fulfill such rigors than slightly after The Millennium, just when things were really beginning to spin out of control.

In Secret, they examined the plans before them, and gathering their best machinery, put their futures behind them and their pasts in the post; they were held together by nothing more than the slimiest tether of indiscretion. But was that enough?

Much has been written about these Three; too much has been written about Woody Woodman. The result of this collaboration is nothing short of something Much Longer; as we are saying. In one barbaric conflagration, ....... the notes were distilled, palpitated, then inscribed as code for your necessary instructions.

What is revealed is probably worse: these Things, if not true, are better than facts!

BD8: Woody Woodman's Circus of Constructions
Acts 1-14

Greg Goodman: Unprepared Piano & Objets d'intérieur
Garth Powell: percussion & very bent saw
George Cremaschi: contrabass & cantilevered chopsticks

These Assumptions Have Been Constructed:

Act 1 ........ (1:06)
Act 2 ........ (9;20)
Act 3 ........ (0:45)
Act 4 ........ (4:30)
Act 5 ........ (3:49)
Act 6 ........ (0:38)
Act 7 ........ (10:27)
Entr'acte ... (0:20)
Act 9 ........ (4:52)
Act 10 ........ (3:50)
Act 11 ........ (6:58)
Act 12 ........ (3:13)
Act 13 ........ (6:10)
Act 14 ........ (1:33)

Recorded February 8, 2003



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