The Evidence presented in Extracting Fish-Bones From The Back Of The Despoiler was constructed by Greg Goodman and Derek Bailey over many years of Exacting Forensic Investigation, from 1980 in San Francisco at The Great American Music Hall, to The Island of Great Britain, where Derek lived, and later again (1990's) in The San Francisco Bay Area at Woody Woodman's Finger Palace.  The last concluded a tour that funneled them by train up the West Coast from California to Oregon, where this recording of Fish-Bones took place (1992). It was planned to be recorded again as a Suite at Woody Woodman's Finger Palace, but that Particular Distillation was cancelled by producer Woody Woodman after Derek suffered a crisis of enjoyment employment.

This rediscovered sparkplug poetry is thus the last version of that hobnobbery recording and examination of all things invisibly visible.  Both Derek and Greg are unrelenting storytellers, and Extracting Fish-Bones From The Back Of The Despoiler is a conversation with each telling the other how to tell a joke using the other's story.  

"There is simply no piano-guitar duet piece like it, and some may not."

— Woody Woodman


Part 1: "The Mother Of The Crow" offers the backbone(s) of these stories told by peering in every direction with Special Ear Glasses, then tapping you on the shoulder and spinning you around to suggest a very divergent RE: View!

Part 2: "A Band Of Our Rats Will Each Morning Copiously Water Our Fleet (Take This Umbrella)" is Anybody's Guess, or Everybody's. It is likely that we all land in, or on, someone else's feet!

(The umbrella is probably not optional.)

Woody Woodman’s Finger Palace Tour 
Recorded in performance, Eugene, Oregon, USA 
September 12, 1992 

All music edited and compiled by George Cremaschi 
Mastered by Martin Seiwert 

Produced by Woody Woodman 
Titles and cover illustration from Jean de Bosschère, "The City Curious," 1920 

All compositions by Derek Bailey and Greg Goodman (BMI) © & ℗ 2017 



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