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BD5: The Social Set (LP)

The Social Set consists of two extended whole-group pieces and was recorded in 1980 during The Metalanguage Festival of Improvised Music: a scrummage of musicians who had previously recorded on The Beak Doctor/Metalanguage label.

This music was revealed in the hills above Berkeley (1750 Arch Street Studio) and was a full-blown, all-day affair. We probably ate pizza.

BD5: The Social Set -- The Metalanguage Festival of Improvised Music 1980 Volume 1

  • Bruce Ackley: soprano saxophone
  • Greg Goodman: piano & percussion
  • Henry Kaiser: electric guitar
  • Toshinori Kondo: trumpet
  • Larry Ochs: tenor & sopranino saxophones
  • Evan Parker: tenor & soprano saxophones
  • Jon Raskin: clarinet, baritone & alto saxophones
  • Andrew Voigt: alto & sopranino saxophones
  • Side 1: The Social Set, part 1 (23:04)
  • Side 2: The Social Set, part 2 (24:03)

Recorded on October 19, 1980, in Berkeley at 1750 Arch Street Studio by Bob Shumaker.

  • Mastered by Phil Brown at Warner Brothers, Los Angeles.
  • Produced by Henry Kaiser in conjunction with Beak Doctor Records.
  • Cover design and layout: M.K. Frank, Berkeley.
  • © (P) Metalanguage, 1980.
  • LP: presently out of print; Released as CD in 2002.


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