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The recording of ABRACADABRA in November of 1978 was one of the earlier ones at Woody Woodman’s Finger Palace, which had just opened itself up to the public a few months before. Evan Parker had dark hair and Greg Goodman had some; things were slightly different in 2002 when they toured together (with George Cremaschi) in The Czech Republic. One thing clear from the last sentence is that Mr. Parker & Mr. Goodman have continued a somewhat strange and extended conversation for 25 years: from The Finger Palace to Prague (including an evening in Russian Mafia-run Karlovi Vary) in a twinkling of a note. There were other excursions in England and California/West Coast during the ‘80’s & ‘90’s, but 1978 saw their first encounter, and the music revealed was recorded in performances over two nights.

Side A of this vinyl (LP) recording has two pieces: “Aftercadabra” (7:43) and “Abracadaver” (10:16). Side B has an extended piece with the name “The Fly-Hog Replied With A Lisp...” (22:53), which was a line from Jean de Bosschère’s The City Curious and from which the cover art was also exhumed. All pieces were “composed” by Mr. Parker & Mr. Goodman in a delirious state of good taste, after having eaten what reluctantly must be described as a series of abundant and very satisfying meals.


Evan Parker: Tenor Saxophone
Greg Goodman: Unprepared Piano

Side A
Aftercadabra (7:43)
Abracadaver (10:16)

Side B
The Fly-Hog Replied With A Lisp... (22:53)

Recorded in performance at Woody Woodman's Finger Palace, Berkeley, California, USA, November 1-2, 1978

All compositions by Greg Goodman and Evan Parker (BMI)/© (P) 1978 The Beak Doctor
Cover illustration from The City Curious by Jean de Bosschère, 1920
The Beak Doctor nods to Lyn Hejinian.
Produced by Woody Woodman and Henry Kaiser.
LP: presently out of print